Exposure and testing

VILLA data

Learners and input conditions

Groups of learners were exposed to 14 hours of Polish input that was monolingual and structured in such a way as to allow the testing of students at different linguistic levels. What makes this project unique is that the input was held constant under relatively natural and interactive exposure conditions, and that it was entirely audio and video recorded and transcribed.

- 14 hours of input over 2 weeks (10 days)
- Audio and video recorded


25 language tests

The learners' performance was investigated over time at different levels of language (perception, comprehension, grammatical analysis and production) in order to find out more about the most elementary stages of linguistic organisation resulting from the treatment of the input. Empirical investigations will in the future cover phonology, lexicon, morpho-syntax and pragmatics of the developing initial learner varieties.


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Teacher preparing the lesson Child learners taking computerized language test